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    Why is the Staff Dancing?

    Play More. Be Happy™ is the inspiration behind our newest competition! Isle of Capri Casinos® is sponsoring the Employee Happy Dance-Off Competition, where one lucky employee will be crowned the Ultimate Happy Dance-Off Champion! Our employees are filming themselves dancing to show everyone just how happy they are, and they want their fans to vote for their favorite video.

    Each of the Isle of Capri properties are giving employees the chance to strut their stuff and create their own dance videos. The competition will be split into two phases:

    Phase 1: Individual Property Battles

    During phase 1 of the competition, participating employees at each individual property will make a video of themselves dancing. These fellow employees will be battling it out to be named the Employee Happy Dance-Off Winner of their local casino. Guests, family, friends and fans are encouraged to vote daily between May 21st and June 9th to help decide who will be crowned winner and move on to the next round of voting. Once the votes are tallied, the winner will represent their local casino in phase 2!

    Phase 2: Enterprise Battles

    If you thought the competition was heated in phase 1, just wait until we get to phase 2! Come back for the final battle starting June 12th, when the Employee Happy Dance-Off Winner for your local casino will compete against winners from the other Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc. properties, to be crowned the Ultimate Happy Dance-Off Champion! For this phase, voting will last from June 12th until June 30th.

    Isle of Capri Casinos, Inc. has 15 properties across seven states, so the hometown pride and competitive fire should be on display early and often throughout the Dance-Off competition. Be sure to get in on the action and support our employees!

    The Play More Be Happy Employee Dance-Off is a great way for our employees to show off their talent. It’s also a perfect way for followers and fans to show their appreciation to the talented folks who work at all of our properties. All fans have to do is vote!

    If you haven’t already, be sure to follow us on Facebook® and Twitter® for updates and videos of the Dance-Off! Stay up to date with the competition, and remember you can vote daily!

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