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    What is Rounding Up the Beef?

    Whether you like steaks, roasts, pastramis, fajitas or humble hamburgers, you'll have the chance to feast on your favorites for less during National Beef Month. In May, beef production ramps up, making it understandable if steers, heifers, and calves begin to feel nervous. To celebrate our hard-working, rugged cattle producers whose way of life personifies America’s “can do” attitude, National Beef Month is in the business of making everything beef—from producing and marketing to preparing and serving—distinguished from the rest of the herd. Celebrations and promotional events are planned all over the country, and this year, all of us at Isle of Capri Casino® Kansas City are getting beefed up too.

    Our “Rounding up the Beef” promotion is our way of acknowledging America’s hard-working citizens. From May 1st until the 31st, we will be featuring made-to-order Kansas City Strip Steaks, slow smoked prime rib, and a host of other all-you-can-eat buffet specials at Calypso’s® Buffet every day, all at regular pricing. It’s a beef lover’s dream come true! Not to mention gaming tables, great drinks and good times are right around the corner.

    We also need you to save a little room after your meat-eating beef fest at Calypso’s. Near the entrance, you’ll notice a selfie station where you can take photos of yourself or others! Keep a lookout for contests asking for your selfie station photos on Facebook®, and you could cash in on even more beefy specials and rewards. To make sure you’re keeping up, follow us on Facebook and Twitter® for reminders and details on our upcoming promotions. So don’t get too full! Save room for social!

    We’re not the only ones celebrating National Beef Month. Promotions like “Pump Iron, Eat Beef” and “Beef, It’s What’s for Dinner” highlight the nutritional value of beef as a great source of iron, protein & zinc. Beef is also a healthy dietary choice that helps build muscle, increase healthy red blood cells, strengthen tissue, and provide recommended daily allowances of several essential nutrients. You’ll also find cow-raising contests at state fairs, weekly grilling contests, and state governments supporting these promotions. It’s easy to see how engrained beef is in our culture.

    These promotions and programs will touch the lives, and mouths, of millions of Americans in an attempt to increase demand for beef and awareness for its producers. In this spirit, don’t forget to visit Calypso’s Buffet to show your support for the beefiest month of the year.


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