• We’ve got the Best Seafood Salad Sandwich in America!

    The sandwich: it's a wholesome classic, and definitely considered a favorite comfort food among many Americans. These days, everyone thinks that they have the key to making a great sandwich, but very few have the potential to ‘wow’.

    That is, unless your name is Bryan Smith.

    Bryan Smith is our Sous Chef at Isle of Capri Casino® Kansas City, and he's the undisputed sandwich king. No, really, he is! Restaurant Hospitality Magazine named Smith's Smoked Sea Scallop and Papaya Salad Sandwich the Best Seafood Salad Sandwich in America in 2015. Read on to discover more about the competition and Smith’s award-winning masterpiece.

    It's Healthy, But Filling

    If you're being health conscious at the moment, Chef Bryan's creation is an excellent choice. Fortunately for this delectable dish, it's filled with healthy ingredients like lightly smoked scallops, papaya, asparagus arugula and poblano peppers. Yum! It's got all the makings of a five star meal, but without the guilt. The result? A dish that's both nourishing and satisfying, but also tasty. Judges marveled that "although the meal was surprisingly complex, it was also well balanced."

    He Beat Out Stiff Competition

    It's takes a very skilled chef to rise to the top in this coveted competition. Out of thousands of entries, there were 74 runners up and just 18 finalists, which were then subsequently narrowed down to one winner in their respective categories. Chef Bryan's sandwich beat out such well-known establishments like the Urban Farmer® in Portland, East Hampton Sandwich Co. in Dallas, and the Costas Inn in Baltimore. You know your seafood dish is good when you beat out the chefs located near Chesapeake Bay!

    Where You Can Get It!

    The Smoked Sea Scallop & Papaya Salad Sandwich costs just $7.50* at Tradewinds Marketplace®. Also, our Seafood Takeover is going strong at Isle of Capri®, so check out our other seafood specials!

    He's Representing for the Midwest

    Kansas City, affectionately known as The World's Barbecue Capital, prides itself on its distinct barbecue style. However, it doesn't always get the respect it deserves when it comes to other food styles. What Bryan Smith has done with his creative seafood dish has effectively changed all of that, especially locally. The beauty of Bryan's win is that if you're local to Kansas City, you don't have to belong to the lifestyle of the rich and famous in order to enjoy this meal. You can stop by, enjoy some games, and try the dish for yourself.

    The next time you're in the mood for great gaming and great food, be sure to visit us. And, of course, stop by and say hello to Bryan to congratulate him on his win.
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    *Tax and gratuity not included.