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    Top 8 Game Shows of All-Time

    August 22, 2017

    Game shows are a staple of American television and have morphed to change with the times. From trivia shows to those that test how well you know your loved ones, it seems there is a game show for everyone. We’ve rounded up the top 8 game shows of all-time just in time for Cases of Cash, our very own game show at Isle of Capri Casino® Kansas City! Keep reading to find out how you can join in the fun!


    1. Jeopardy!

    Arguably the most iconic of all game shows, “Jeopardy” has won hearts young and old with trivia questions that make contestants spew out answers like, “What is carbon dating.” With the first season airing in 1964, “Jeopardy” is now in its 33rd season, and host, Alex Trebek, is just as iconic as the show.


    2. The Newlywed Game

    What’s juicier than seeing how well newly married couples actually know one another? This classic game show first aired on ABC from 1966 to 1974, and the grand prize was often a living room set. This American favorite has been revived many times in the years since.


    3. Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

    It seemed that every American television set was tuned into ABC’s hit game show, “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”, between 1999 and 2002. With Regis Philbin as host and one million dollars as the prize, this show was a staple piece of American pop culture during its relatively short-lived spot in prime time. The syndicated version of this show has lasted through the past decade and has seen a variety of different hosts.


    4. Family Feud

    This classic game show set two families against each other in a battle to match the answers of survey questions. “Family Feud” featured many hosts over the years, but is most well-known for Richard Dawson, who greeted female contestants with a kiss.


    5. The Gong Show

    As the original talent game show, contestants on “The Gong Show” had around 90 seconds to perform their act. With a variety of guests appearing on the show – from jugglers to contortionists to singers – audiences saw everything from extreme talent to cringe-worthy performances. During their act, celebrity judges could strike a gong, signaling them to end early.


    6. The Price is Right

    Starting in 1972, American’s could tune into CBS on weekdays and hear Bob Barker’s voice crooning “Come on down!” over their television. Even though Drew Carey took Barker’s place as host in 2007, “The Price is Right” still draws crowds with its fun atmosphere, quirky guests and great prizes.


    7. Wheel of Fortune

    The idea for “Wheel of Fortune” was to create a game show that was a spin on Hangman, and boy, did it catch on! With popular catchphrases like, “Would you like to buy a vowel?” and game show staple, Vanna White, who has been turning letters since 1981, there’s lots to love about this American favorite!


    8. Deal or No Deal

    This game show premiered on NBC in 2005, featuring Howie Mandel as host and a chance for contestants to win a suitcase full of cash. It gained popularity fast, but the prime-time version ended in 2008, but was picked up for syndication through 2010.


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