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    The History of April Fool's Day

    There’s a wonderful and true story about the origins of April Fool’s Day out there somewhere! Truth be told, there are quite a few theories about the origins of the holiday, but none of them are direct enough to be confirmed as the official origins of what the prankster in all of us knows and loves as April Fool’s Day!

    Some historians theorize that it’s related to a holiday that was celebrated in Greco-Roman culture named Hilaria. People celebrated the first day after the vernal equinox on March 25, which was considered the first day of the new year in the Julian calendar. It seems that society was overall in good spirits enjoying jokes, parades and even masquerades to mark the occasion.

    Eventually the calendar was ordered to be changed by Pope Gregory XIII and in the new Gregorian calendar, the new year would be celebrated on January 1. It’s not unreasonable to continue to theorize that the calendar switch didn’t necessarily mean a tradition switch; people had been celebrating near the vernal equinox for a long time. Think of it this way: if we suddenly switched to a new calendar that declared Christmas was now going to be on June 25, it doesn’t seem likely that gobs of people would completely abandon December 25 as a day of some sort of tradition.

    The theories don’t end here. Giving Hilaria all the credit for April Fools origins is a problem because there was an almost global sensation in a wide variety of cultures of spring celebrations. Spring meant they could begin renewing their food supply by farming, the sun would shine for longer hours and the cold, dismal winter was finally over! Honestly, who wouldn’t be happy to celebrate the end of winter before there were furnaces?!

    At this point, it might be best to simply assume that spring makes people feel good… happy… hilarious... even mischievous! Join in the fun with a simple prank on a friend or co-worker. If you’re not up for an elaborate scheme just go for something quick and hilarious like squirting some ketchup into a few jelly filled doughnuts and set them out at work or buy a few toy snakes and find a few places to hide them around your home or office!

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