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    Thanksgiving Leftovers Solved

    Thanksgiving dinner is wonderful, but that yummy feast quickly gets boring when there's enough leftovers for a week. Here are five ideas for turning Thanksgiving leftovers from same old meal to tasty delights.

    1. Homemade Turkey Soup
    Be like a professional chef and waste nothing, including the turkey carcass with this homemade turkey soup. If you've never made stock before, it's easy it just takes time. You'll cover the turkey bones with water then add spices and onion for flavoring. Let it all simmer for two hours before skimming the fat and straining the broth. Then to the broth you'll add chopped veggies, leftover turkey, and rice or noodles. This recipe also suggests adding a can of condensed creamy soup for a velvety texture.

    2. Turkey a la King with Rice
    Break away from the usual casseroles made with leftovers and try this dish. You'll use a mix of chopped vegetables and leftover turkey. If you have leftover mushrooms or green beans why not add those, or serve over leftover mashed potatoes instead of rice? The creamy sauce is made with flour and milk, but you can also try substituting leftover gravy. The key to recreating leftovers is creatively mixing old with new.

    3. Turkey Samosas
    These hand held packets of thanksgiving flavor are perfect if you have some leftovers, but not enough to build a casserole or full meal. The samosas only require a cup of leftover turkey, some mashed potatoes, and pie crust (store bought or home-made). Feel free to add spices to the filling to mix up the flavor.
    Dip the cooked samosas into mango chutney or even leftover cranberry sauce.

    4. Turkey Hash with Fried Eggs
    If you hosted Thanksgiving dinner, you might find yourself with some out of town guests staying the night. This breakfast recipe is a great way to feed a crowd while getting rid of leftovers. Simply mix together chopped turkey then add freshly chopped or leftover veggies. Stick to bite sized pieces that aren't mashed or covered in sauce. This way all the ingredients sear nicely.

    5. Turkey and Poblano Chili
    Maybe you're ok with the leftover turkey, but getting tired of the traditional Thanksgiving day flavors. If that's the case this chili is for you. A poblano pepper adds heat while onions and cumin add flavor. Diced tomatoes are a nice transition from gravy while kidney beans make this chili hearty. Serve with tortilla chips and all your favorite chili fixings.

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