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    Meet the Burger of the Week

    Can’t satisfy your burger craving with a run-of-the-mill patty? Isle of Capri Casino Kansas City has found a solution: each week, the kitchen staff is designing a unique, original burger recipe. Get it for just $5.50 at Tradewinds Marketplace!

    Burger of the Week Examples
    No matter what your taste buds like, these interesting and original burger recipes are sure to please. Creations include:
    Blue Cheese Burger: A blue cheese cake sits on top of a beef patty.
    California Burger: This bacon and avocado cheeseburger is topped with Swiss cheese and chipotle aioli.
    Hotdog Burger: Love both hamburgers and hotdogs? Now you don’t have to choose between the two! This specialty combines a beef patty and a hotdog, topped off with cheddar cheese.
    Mexican Independence Burger: This beef patty is played up with chorizo, poblano pepper and mozzarella.

    History of the Hamburger
    Ahh, the hamburger - what started out as a “lowly” food has climbed its way up the charts to become a favorite in both the fast food and gourmet restaurant worlds. An American invention, the hamburger has an interesting and much-talked-about past - nobody truly knows where it got its start. We do know about its history and rise to fame, though.

    In Hamburg, Germany, chopped or minced beef was all the rage. During the 19th century, Hamburg Steak was popular with German immigrants who left Germany for the U.S. Soon, it became the perfect meal for NYC residents who could eat it while standing up or while rushing off to their next meeting. In 1837, Hamburg Steak was printed on a menu at Delmonico’s in New York City.

    Who invented the hamburger? Nobody knows for sure. Some say it was Charlie Nagreen, who sold meatballs between slices of bread in Seymour, Wisconsin, during an 1885 fair. Others feel that Charles and Frank Menches, brothers who hailed from Ohio, sold their sandwich made with ground beef in Hamburg, NY, in 1885. Louis Lassen is also in the running - he served ground beef trimmings between slices of toast in 1900. Fletcher David from Texas claimed to have created the hamburger in the 1880s and then brought the sandwich to the World’s Fair in St. Louis in 1904. However, true hamburger lovers feel that until beef was served on a bun, it could not be called a hamburger - serving it between slices of bread just isn’t the same. In 1995, the Governor of Oklahoma announced that Tulsa is where the hamburger was invented - according to rumor, Oscar Weber Bilby served the first hamburger on a bun during a Fourth of July party in 1891.

    No matter which story you believe, most foodies agree that the hamburger was created around the turn of the century. Was it respected back then, though? Not exactly. According to history professor Alan Rocke, hamburgers usually contained “mystery meat” and were served in low-quality eateries and diners, many of which could be found near factories. Once the automobile was invented though, food-on-the-go became popular. White Castle emerged on the scene in 1921, making hamburgers available to the masses. In the 1920s, Lionel Sternberger topped his burger with cheese, creating another American favorite, the cheeseburger. In 1955, Ray Kroc opened the very first McDonald’s in Des Plaines, Illinois, which has grown into the massive success we’re all now familiar with.

    If you're like the rest of the country, odds are that you love hamburgers and cheeseburgers as much as the next guy. Don't go any longer without meeting the Burger of the Week. The best part is that you can check back every week for the latest recipe!

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