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    How to Throw the Best Big Game Party

    Every year, parties connected to the Big Game are filled with plenty of conversation with family and friends, and mounds of delicious food and snacks—not to mention football! So what ultimately works best when throwing a game day viewing party? Take a look at our thoughts.

    Below are five things to remember:

    Formality is Not an Option: Your party came about because of a football game, so there’s no need to make this a formal affair. Just have your friends come as they are and partake the mecca of football eats… finger foods! Big Game eating usually begins with chicken wings! Different sorts of dips should also be available in order to cover the likely wide variety of tastes.

    Plenty of Seating is a Must: If you’re having plenty of people over, they need a place to sit and watch the game. That means making every chair you’ve got available, and maybe importing some from your closer friends at the party. In this same vein, the more televisions you have available, the easier it is for everyone to be comfortable.

    Make Things Interesting: While you’re there, you might not have a rooting interest between the two teams playing, but you can certainly make things more exciting by making your guests pick sides! Since this is the one game every year that even casual sports fans watch, you’ll be able to give everybody an equal chance at being a winner.

    Halftime Means More Food: If you need a break from the action, you can spend the 30-minute gap before the resumption of action filling up with more food. You can take things to another level with your appetizers with something like Cajun shrimp scampi, beer-battered onion rings or truffle fries. Your guests may also be ready for sandwiches like a hamburger with mushrooms and Swiss cheese, a cheeseburger with your choice of cheese, barbecue bacon burger, or a burger with either a fried egg or pulled pork.

    Your Best Option: Skip the hassle and come hang out with us in Lone Wolf®! All the food mentioned above is available on our menu. That kind of one-stop option is the best decision anyone outside the winning head coach can make. Invite some friends and call it a day!

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    No matter how things turn out with the Big Game, you can rest assured that the camaraderie you share with your guests is worth any investment you make. Visit us on Facebook or Twitter and tell us how you’re planning to spend the big day watching the big game!
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