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    How to Pick the Right Car for You!

    Whether you want a car that’s fast and sleek or tough and 4 wheel drive, it’s always a good idea to have a list of characteristics that are important to you before heading to the dealership. Before you choose your next car, consider the following questions to help make a purchase you’ll be pleased with!

    1. Is fuel economy important to you?
    If you have a long daily commute or simply enjoy road trips in your personal vehicle, fuel economy will likely be an important factor when it comes time to decide which car you’ll buy. Also, note if you drive mostly through the city or on major highways and interstates; compare the manufacturer’s numbers for fuel economy on city and highway averages.

    2. Do you plan to tow anything with your vehicle?
    You’ll need a certain amount of power depending on what you might be hauling behind (or on top of) you. If you want to tow anything from a small trailer to a boat or a full size 5th wheel, be sure to check out the manufacturer’s website for information on the towing capacity of any vehicles you are interested in purchasing. Once you know the tow capacity, compare it to the weight of whatever you desire to tow. If the numbers are too close, choose a more powerful vehicle.
    3. How much room do you need?
    Having a car full of people or pets is the norm for some folks and if that’s the case, a larger SUV will suit their needs better than a sedan. On the other hand, if it’s often just you and maybe a plus one cruising around, a two seater could be just fine! Don’t forget to think about your need for cargo space. Sports gear, home improvement project supplies, suitcases and all sorts of other things end up back there… how much will usually be going in your cargo space?

    4. Are you picky about any details?
    Sometimes the little details matter the most! Are you particular about the color of the exterior or interior? Perhaps you only want leather seats. Make a short list of the things you have to have no matter what – do you live somewhere or participate in activities that require 4 wheel drive – and the things you want to have but can be flexible on, as well as the things you absolutely are not okay with. When your list is done, get out there and start test driving cars!

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