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    Happy Memorial Day from Isle of Capri Kansas City!

    Memorial Day is coming soon and here at Isle of Capri® Kansas City, we can't wait to celebrate! With parties, cookouts and more, this holiday truly embodies what it means to be American. We're excited to wave the flag and have a great barbecue on May 30.

    We at Isle of Capri Kansas City are proud to present Memorial Day dining specials and our exciting Memorial Day Madness promotion! Our team has put together our top 10 tips for grilling at home. Whether you and your guests prefer beef, fish or veggies, we've got you covered for a fantastic cookout. If you don't feel like cooking on the grill this holiday, we invite you to eat with us at our casino and try your luck to win big at
    Memorial Day Madness!

    10 Tips for Memorial Day Grilling

    1. Safety first!

    If your grill has been sitting outside since last summer, it's probably time to make sure it's okay to start up again. Check for any holes in the construction and look for debris, as your grill could catch on fire! If you have a grease trap, be sure to empty and clean it. You might need to do a test run on your grill by lighting it and letting it burn for a few minutes to check on the burners.

    2. Prepare your grill.

    Be sure to scrub a hot grill with a long-handled wire brush before cooking. This will keep your dishes tasty and clean, as well as prevent you from burning yourself. You should also brush the grill grate with canola or vegetable oil to keep food from sticking.

    3. Know your grill time!

    Resist the urge to constantly check on the grill and mess with your food while it's cooking. You'll want grilled dishes to develop a crust and show grill marks before flipping them over to the other side. If you're antsy to serve a plate, remember that grilled meats continue to cook after being removed from the grill, so take them off before they burn. Always let them rest a few minutes to let the marinade set in.
    It's best to consider the type of meat you're grilling. You can check your chicken by making a slit in the thickest part of the thigh and looking for clear juices to ensure it's done. Steak and pork chops can be poked with your index finger for firmness. Well-done fish fillets should be opaque and not clear in appearance like they were before cooking. Consider investing in a digital meat thermometer for accurate readings.

    4. Think about the flavoring.

    The easiest way to flavor a cut of meat is with a succulent glaze. These toppings are generally sweet like honey and brushed onto the meat during the last couple minutes of grilling. You can also use wet and dry rubs on raw meat a few hours before cooking, or set the meats in a marinade to tenderize them before placing on the grill.

    5. Cook juicy chicken thighs!

    Grilled chicken is a customary dish for Memorial Day. Go with chicken thighs for a richer flavor, rather than chicken breasts. Coat your chicken with a bold spice rub before grilling and opt to take off the skin to cut out saturated fat. You'll want to grill your chicken over indirect heat for an even cook and finish over direct heat to sweeten your glaze.

    6. Cook your steak right.

    You can please your party by grilling steak to perfection. Choose flank steak to hold in marinades like zesty barbecue sauce. The thickness of your steak determines the amount of time it needs to cook. You can leave your grill open to evenly cook a thinner steak and close it right up for a thick cut.

    7. Pick fish for a light dish.

    If your guests don't eat beef or chicken, choose fish to appeal to their appetites. Use a fresh cutting board and utensils to prepare the fish and keep it separate from other meats. You'll need a super-hot and clean grill to flip fish on. Salmon is a crowd pleaser and takes in marinades in a record cooking time.

    8. Make your burgers gourmet.

    Burgers are a staple to any barbecue. Spice up this classic meal with a few alternatives. You might choose buffalo meat over 90 percent beef patties for a leaner burger that certainly doesn't skimp on the flavor. Toast buns right on the grill for a crispy delight.

    9. Don't forget the veggies!

    For the non-meat eaters in your crowd, you can grill up veggie burgers or a variety of tasty alternatives. Consider a kebab with grilled tofu and tomatoes for Mediterranean flavor. Hearty portobello mushrooms make a great patty due to their firmness and texture. You can even grill fruit like plantains and pineapple for succulent toppings to your dishes.

    10. Find a grillmaster!

    If you're still unsure how to cook on a grill, enlist a friend for help! Even if you just need a spotter, a seasoned grillmaster can help you cook your burgers, chicken, and veggies to perfection.

    Memorial Day Madness at Isle of Capri Kansas City

    Join us at Isle of Capri Kansas City for Memorial Day and let us do the cooking for you. We're offering great dining at our restaurants, including Tradewinds® and Calypso’s® Buffet. We'll serve you the best burger in town without you ever needing to light up a grill.

    While you're here, try out our Memorial Day Madness promotion! On Monday May 30 from 2-5 p.m., we're giving away $200 every 20 minutes to our lucky guests. At 5:30 p.m., one special participant will be picked to win any unclaimed cash. Join our Fan Club® for special access to promotions and even more ways to win big!


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