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    Delightfully Delicious Holidays in June

    There are national holidays for practically everything these days (Coming Soon: A national holiday which commemorates national holidays!) You can’t celebrate them all, but maybe you could consider devoting a little bit of ceremony to the tastier ones, especially since June is a barren month for holidays! Here at the Isle of Capri Casino® Kansas City, we would love for you to give some attention to one of these upcoming food-honoring days. Just because you don’t throw a parade for it, doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun and make some memories on what would ordinarily be just another day! Stop by for some gaming excitement and top it off with our gourmet food.

    National Cheese Day on June 4

    How can something so good be so easy to make? There are so many flavors, varieties and it’s incredibly versatile. Cheese adds a lot of flavor to almost any dish (even broccoli). The Lone Wolf® features the burger of the week, many of which contain cheese, and they will satisfy both your hunger and your obligation to this beloved dairy confection.

    National Chocolate Ice Cream Day on June 7

    When the weather gets warm, you will inevitably want to cool off. Ice cream and air conditioning are just a couple ways to make your summer days more relaxing. Calypso’s® Buffet has fantastic food and offers a scrumptious way to enjoy the delectable taste of chocolate ice cream.

    National Iced Tea Day on June 10

    Savor every sip of iced tea while you’re playing a game on the floor or relaxing at a table. Iced tea is refreshing and is often enhanced with flavors such as peach or passion fruit. Quench your thirst with this popular choice on its own holiday.

    National Strawberry Shortcake Day on June 14

    Strawberry Shortcake™ wasn’t just Rainbow Brite’s™ best friend: it’s also a simple dessert that packs a lot of flavor. Cream, fruit, and biscuits come together for a heavenly light and airy taste. This southern specialty is the perfect combination of colors, textures and sweetness on warm summer days.

    National Lobster Day on June 15

    Rich and decadent lobster is a favorite for any seafood lover. Even those who aren’t partial to fish can appreciate lobster’s buttery taste and sweet meat. You may not be near the ocean, but being inside Calypso’s Buffet during our all-you-can-eat crab leg special will having you swearing otherwise.

    National Onion Ring Day on June 22

    It may sound silly that this snack has its own day, but don’t doubt the onion! Onion rings hit the spot when you need a crunchy, quick fix to your hunger pains. Grab an order of them at Tradewinds® Marketplace between games!

    National Chocolate Pudding Day on June 26

    Chocolate pudding is for everyone who loves a treat at the end of their meal. Smooth and soothing, pudding can be just what you need to make a meal even more memorable.

    June may be short on holidays, but it has the potential to be a standout month for your taste buds. No matter your favorite, make sure you make the time for it. And don’t forget, follow us on Facebook® and Twitter® for specials, promotions and updates!


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