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    A Trip Through the Decades: New Year's Eve Trends

    On December 31, we collectively gather to celebrate the arrival of another year. Our New Year's revelry means looking forward to everything that lies ahead in the upcoming 12 months with anticipation. We make future plans, brainstorm resolutions, and daydream about the promise only a new year can deliver.

    Sometimes the best way to commemorate everything to come is to take a peek back at how previous generations did up New Years Eve. If you're looking to party like it’s 1999 (or 89…or 79…or…) take a trip back in time to see how partygoers ushered in January 1st over the past six decades.

    Balloons, streamers and noisemakers all made prominent appearances throughout celebrations in the 50's. Some hosted events at posh hotels, while others simply opened their homes for local merriment with friends and neighbors. Guests dined on deviled eggs, spam and gelatin molds while sipping champagne cocktails and Sea Breezes. The gang danced and conga-lined until the clock struck twelve.

    Celebrations in the 60's were all about the cocktail party. Finger foods, hard liquor and chain smoking all made appearances at these festive events. Party cheese balls, highballs, cocktail weenies and a whole lot of everything wrapped in bacon created the perfect way to commemorate December 31st 1960-something.

    The 70's ushered in a slew of new first night trends. Friends gathered around sporting their latest polyester bellbottoms and dined on fondue and dishes that included words like "loaf" and "surprise" in their names. Drinks of choice included fruity Harvey Wallbangers and crème de menthe infused Grasshoppers. Once fueled and hydrated, guests discoed until the new year dawned.

    Bringing in a new year in the 80's meant doing it up big…much like everyone's hair back then. Guests teased their perms, donned neon (or acid wash) from head to toe, prepped their collars way up and partied until (and beyond when) the ball dropped. Standard nosh included bread bowl dips, sloppy joe nachos, buffalo wings and whole lotta frozen convenience foods. Hurricanes, White Russians, and the infamous Long Island Iced Tea added to 80's festivities.

    Choker necklaces, baggy jeans, floral vests, and combat boots are just some of the gear you'd find at a 1990's NYE celebration. Guests would dine on shrimp cocktail, 7-layer dip, and passed hors d'oeuvres while listening to hip-hop and grunge rock. Beverages of choice included the basics: ice cold beer and chilled champagne.

    New Millennium
    The turn of the millennium amped up our New Year's celebrations. Trucker hats, jeans with bedazzled back pockets, butterfly clips and very chunky hair highlights all made for perfect party accessories. Guests nibbled everything mini: gourmet cupcakes, slider sandwiches, and appetizers served on their own one-bite ceramic spoons, all while sipping martinis and cosmos.

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